Thursday, July 3, 2014

Some Fun Things

Why didn't any one tell me there are only 30 days in June, lol, I was totally counting on there being a day 31 to get some extra stuff done and then, poof, June was gone and I didn't do any of my normal end of the month linky parties.
This last week I was too depressed to do anything, it was a really tough week for me, so that's not the fun stuff.  But this morning I got the most awesome e-mail, that cheered me so greatly!  I was the #1 Winner of Chris W Designs Photographic Contest!  Yippeee.... I had the hardest time picking a photo and I guess Christine did also, because she had her daughter pick and she picked mine!
 The awesome prize: I get to choose any 5 of her bag patterns PLUS $50 store credit to buy some hardware kits.  Skipping with joy, I am happy today!

Some fun things happening this month:
A Quilt Design Contest for Sara's Jungle Ave. Fabrics, due date July 7th (that's this coming Monday!)

The Free Motion Quilt Along is coming soon, over at Elven Garden Quilts.

The Spain Fabric Swap, now you can easily use these fabrics to depict Greece too :), I couldn't get the flickr link to work, but I am sure she will fix that soon.  Sign up here on Flickr.

Also don't forget to check Mel's blog, it is where I put all of the giveaways I find up on her giveaway linky.
Have a great day.


  1. as soon as I saw you on my blog roll...I zoomed over here...great pic of you

  2. Your Awesome Congrats... thank you for the purple in my life and the rare Texas book, you look so cool here, it should be a new pic on the blog on FB

  3. Sorry to hear you had a rough week! But congrats your winning photo! You will have so much fun shopping for that hardware and making those patterns!

  4. Congrats on a well deserved win! Sorry to hear you were down. *hugs* :) This year is just blowing past!

  5. So glad you won, you really deserve it! I've been thinking a lot about you... Yesterday I came back from my holidays and I found a wonderful surprise: the beautiful fabric postcard you made for my birthday! Perfection! Thank you so much.