Wednesday, July 16, 2014

8² Fabric Clarifications

A couple of questions have come up about the new Fabric swap 8² - What is 8²-  First we will be swapping 8 Fat Eights,   If you cut them your self you will need to send in all 8 pieces and you will get back 1 of your pieces and 7 others.  I have written a tutorial on how I like to cut my F8ths
This is where the squared part comes in,

  1. You send in an additional 2 Fat eighths (different from the 8 pieces above and they can be different from each other as well), or 
  2. 8 brick charms, no more than 2 charms of the same fabric.

So let's say you have 2 FQ's of text prints, you can just cut those in half and send them in, I will swap them with 2 different ones.   Don't have enough text fabric, send in 8 brick sized charms, no more than 2 charms of the same print, Please send in fabric that you yourself would like to receive, maybe more text fabric, low volume, or small prints, NO big prints, please.  You will get 8 different brick charms than what you sent in.

Why? You ask, am I doing it that way, so glad you asked, this is the perfect amount to keep the weight under 200 grams.  The shipping cost of 200 grams is 3.30euro, so only about $5.  So even if you are American or any other International person interested in the swap, it won't cost you any more than it would if it was an American swap.  I'll PayPal you for the shipping.

The Fabric Shops:
As an added bonus, I have arranged for us to get discounts to 2 on-line shops. I will send you the discount code once you have signed up so you can get to shopping. If you still prefer to order only 1 yard of fabric, then we can pool our orders together and I will have it all sent to my house, cut it here and then send your package to you.The shops:

Pink Castle Fabrics is offering a 10% discount: they are right now running their Golden Ticket deal,
text fabrics can be found here,

Lark Cottons is offering a 15% discount for this swap: they have a gorgeous array of text and low volume prints
they have a discounted International Shipping at $21.50, that is at least $3.00 cheaper than other shops.

Just some extra options for you, you of course can purchase quality quilting cotton from whatever store you desire, and if you already have some in your stash, even better!

Sign up by using this form
and then head over to flickr to say you are going to join the Text Swap Round.

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  1. Hi, I think I signed up but I'm really not sure! Can you check for me?