Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Purge and A Book Review

My friend Shirley of SimpleSew gave me the Sew & Stitch Embroidery book by Alyssa Thomas a few months ago, and I started working on the fold over feather clutch pattern inside the book (page 111).  I finished the feather over a month ago and then it sat, you see I wasn't that happy with it.  2 issues:
  • I used a jean like material and it was very stretchy, so there ended up being some fabric distortions.
  • Said jean material is dark in color so I used tear away stabilizer to get the pattern onto the fabric.
Here is how I played with the fabric distortion:
I added a little pleat to cover up the stretch and to make it a design element, I added 3 pleats to the back of the pouch.
The second problem was a little more harder to fix, I couldn't get the stabilizer out, I tried my best and got most of it out, just little bits of white here and there.
I used Vera of Negligent Style's Tutorial to add the strap and she also recommended to go to a hardware store for snap hook and D-ring, which is fantastic since I am all out of those things in my sewing room.  So this is the best my hardware store could do,
It's not the fanciest hook, but I think it will work.
The book is pretty nice, it has a few embroidery patterns I would like to try, but this is my favorite pattern from it, I think I will make a few more, just not on dark fabrics.
I'm linking up to The Purge, first linky party, cause I am sending this to a new home and it won't sit lonely in my house, I look forward to doing some more purging in the next weeks, you should join too!
Update:  It is in it's new home and she LOVES IT!  The interior is to her style with skulls, I only had small irregular pieces of these fabrics so I made a QAYG style lining.
 The awesome Vera, mentioned above sent me a skull zipper pull to put on the pouch.
Not only did Jenna in the UK get the feather pouch but she also got  a bird bone mini quilt, you can see it here.

and also The Craft Book Sew Along.
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  1. I think your feather looks lovely!

  2. I like the bag with the pleat, it really adds something.

  3. It turned out cute! And those pleats were a good idea. That feather looks like a lot of work!

  4. Now that is wellll sttiched feather...lovely my dear

  5. Thanks for the shout out ! Darn it on the fuzzy.. but you make everything turn out .. I am purged the rest of the week, my machine is in the shop. Packing your box..

  6. love the pleats that you put in, and the feather is cute :-)

  7. Looking good! Thank you for link to my tut ;-) I'm glad to see someone tried it.