Saturday, July 19, 2014

Friday Night Sewin Swaps.

I did some sewing Friday night for the (FNSI) Friday Night Sew In.  I generally don't like to sew at night it bothers my eyes, so this is a great excuse to get some extra sewing done that I wouldn't normally do.  I finished up my Win a Singer quilt block.
I added some more buttons in the jar.
and what I think is a cute little pin cushion.
the bottom part says SEW, but it also said PIN, but I accidentally cut the P
I worked on my Big Stitch Swap.
What do you think, should I do some hand quilting in the front of the bird?  should I take out the straight stitches on the back of the tail, any comments or suggestions will be helpful.  I was going to leave the front of the bird plain, but now I am unsure.

I am also linking up to Drowning in Fabric, Saturday Swaps
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  1. Fun projects!!! Your button jar is adorable!! I love all of the stitches surrounding your bird that i think you do not need stitches on the bird itself. it is such a pretty project!!!

  2. you have some really interesting and fun projects there....

  3. I love your button jar, it is so cute

  4. I would like to see the whole Big stitch project before I give my Big professional opinion..!!! but I am liking it. Birds are great . love the jar, love it.

  5. I love both pieces. I like the way you sew the four-hole buttons, I've never seen them done that way. As far as stitching in front of the bird, if you do add more stitches, I would fill that area with the swirls like you have behind the bird.

  6. I love your bird. I think the empty space looks perfect but the straight lines don't do it for me. They don't look natural to me. Perhaps more swirls or waves. Just a thought.
    Glad you had a productive Friday. Wish I did:)