Sunday, July 13, 2014

Thread Keeper Tutorial

What do your embroidery threads look like?  A tangled mess, where you can't find the end.  I know mine did.  Do you wish you could remember the number of the thread you bought so you could buy some more to finish a project. 
I have a cheap and easy way to keep them a little more organized and they will look so pretty.
8.5" X 11" Card Stock paper
Stamp Inks
Paper Scissors (not your SEWING scissors)
hole punch*
Frixion pen*
and of course some embroidery thread!
This picture should explain it all, draw a line 3.25" down and then another one 6.5" down the 8.5" side of the paper.  Then draw lines every 2" between these 2 lines.  Now I have made a "pattern piece" and I trace the top and bottoms with it.  For the top part, center a American penny or a 10 cent euro coin and trace around it to get that first top curve, then make 2 smaller curves on each side to the edges of the tag.
After making one you can cut it out and trace the rest, especially the bottom 3 pieces, they are a perfect 2" across you just have to get the height correct.
Now the fun part,
I have a stamp set from Close to my Heart, called "Love Tags", but it is at least 8 years old.  Use what ever stamps you have on hand, have fun with it.
 My inks are even older, 11 years, so some of my more favorite colors are, well, a little low on color.  But this gives me the perfect time to add a little touch of whimsy, and for me that was some Sea themed stamps.
After you have cut out each individual tag, punch a hole in the top (optional) and trim the sides a little.  Now you are ready to organize!  P.S. you might want to "set" the ink, if you used a Frixion pen to draw your lines just place a paper towel over the tags and give it a quick little press with a warm iron.
Just wind the thread around and put the loose end through the holes on the top, write the company name and number of the thread in pencil, on the back.

Now to put them in my new pretty needle book, Thanks Sheri!
Oh yeah!  I got lots more to do.
This has become my favorite "extra" swap item to include, it doesn't take much time and it only cost a little bit for the thread.  And you can make it special with what type of stamping you do, you could even just draw on them if you don't have stamps.

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  1. Lovely idea! I also just created a box for my threads. I was so sick of the!
    Hugs Martina

  2. Ziplock bags for me so far :) Although I do see the advantage of these with the writing down of the number and the non slip paper.

  3. This is a good idea. Thank you for sharing :)