Wednesday, July 16, 2014

8² Giveaway!

Let's get the show on the Road!  I am excited about hosting my first swap and I need a little help getting the word out.  So let's have a little giveaway.
The person to get the most people to join the swap gets a 8² bundle FOR FREE!
If you join you need to send in either something like the picture above
or something like the picture below.

The winner will receive 8 different prints of Fat Eights and their choice of either 2 more Fat Eights or 8 brick charms.  If the winner is also in the swap I will do my best to give you different fabrics, but I can not guarantee it.
The winner doesn't even have to sign up, but if you get a whole bunch of other people to sign up, then you can win!
You can read more here on my blog, about the swap, some more clarification and sponsor shops, and cutting guidelines.
Or hop on over to Flickr to get the rules, you will need to say that you are signing up when you get to Flickr, don't have a flickr account, no problem, just send me an e-mail.  grecomara (at) gmail (dot) com

The official, official sign up page can be found here.
On the form there is a question at the bottom about where you heard about the 8² swap group, this is where you would put in a person's name that recommended you or perhaps you heard about it on a blog.
I even have an option on the form for if you don't want to do this round which is Text fabrics, but perhaps you would be interested in another swap, then you can still fill out the form and when another swap comes along I will send you an e-mail.

This swap is open to anyone in the world!
Use the buttons in the gray box to spread the word, let's get the party started!


  1. Mara, I'm definitely joining! Great idea! Can I write I told myself about the swap?!😉

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