Saturday, July 12, 2014

8² - The Fabric Swap Group!

I am so excited to start a European fabric swap group.  You can join at any time and participate in any swap you are interested in.  This is mostly for European's but anyone is welcome to join, especially after you hear that I got 2, that's 2 shops to sponsor the swap with discounts to both.

First the Rules, I am not very good at writing rules but here goes, (I have taken some of the wording from the American based F8 swap group put together by Laurel)
  1. Each swap is run in groups of 8. Each person may sign up for one or two groups (interest permitting) You will buy one yard (or a little more to be safe) of each of the specified amount of fabric designs (to be described in the swap group) and cut into eighths approx. 11x18. I have chosen this size instead of a regular 9x22 eighth because even with shrinkage, you may still yield a 10x10 and/or several 5x5 charms.
  2. Please remove selvages, measurements are approximate due to selvage removal, fabric width, and seller cutting. Try to cut straight and measure correctly.
    Each group will send and receive 8 F8s per yard, plus 8 brick sized charms
    Please do send all 8 F8th pieces to me plus the extra 8 brick charms - you will get back one of your own per design for the F8th but will recieve 8 different designs other than the one you sent in of the brick charm.
    Please reference this picture for cutting your F8: 
  3. Fabric info: Fabric should be quilt shop quality 100% cotton fabric. For each swap, I will get a shop to give us a discount.  If you already have the fabric in your stash, or if you get your designer fabric for $5 clearance, good for you! But don’t buy the cheap stuff, y’know? We want to trade the same quality. Do not prewash. Do iron.
  4. Mailing info: Mail to me deadline is announced when groups fill - date is usually 2-3 weeks after filling. I will send out an email to all participants with my address and further instructions and the discount codes when full.  If you do not have that month's theme in your stash and wish to purchase only 1 yard of fabric and not a whole package of fabric from a shop, send a communication with me and I will purchase the fabric and have it sent directly to my house and cut it for you.  I will paypal the invoice to you of the cost of the fabric, plus the divided cost of the shipping and the cost of shipping of all the fabric back to you.  The cost of the 8² groups fabric to a European destination is 3.30Euro, you can pay this either by paypal or if you want to tuck in the coins with the fabric you send, you can also do that ;)  If you join more than one group of 8² the shipping cost from Greece to you goes to 6.30Euro's.
  5. Sorting and packaging info: Please place your fabric in ziplock bags or wrap in cellophane plastic. If you are signed up for two groups put each group in its own separate ziplock/cellophane plastic. Please also include a card or sticky note (I write it right on the plastic bag)  your name, address, and flickr name.    If you are in two groups, please get a different set of fabric for each group, as I can’t guarantee you won’t have some of the same people in both groups. I don’t personally care about duplicates, but others do. Please post photos of your fabric choices and/or list your fabric selections within your group to avoid duplicates and/or see what you are getting. Similarly, though I am doing everything I can to avoid duplicates, I can not guarantee there won't be some. Sorry. 
  6. PLEASE only sign up if you can follow through. 
You can go here to fill out the form and also pop on over to the Flickr page that I set up to put your name down.  Either way you do not have to commit to each swap, I will contact you to see which swap you are interested in.  The first swap will be for Text fabrics, the second for Low Volume.

I want to post this but will add more later, the kids.

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  1. does the measurement you used work for metres too as I suspect all Europeans will buy fabric by the metre, not the yard