Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Stash- FQS Haul.

FQS- Fat Quarter Shop, they had a 40% off International shipping a few weeks ago and I took advantage of the savings and purchased 2 Flat Rate Envelopes of Fabric.  Plus as a bonus I used my Gift Certificate that I bought during their Mother's Day promo of 20% off, So I only "spent" $40 for these packages.
I should confess something, I have been having a crush on Red and Aqua, they look so pretty together.
Fabrics Left to Right: Spot On Cardinal Tonal Pindots (LOVE), Winterfall Words (also Love), Candy Cane Red Ditzy Motif, Candy Cane Red Dot Aura, these 2 are from the same line, but are 2 different reds, they should be called shades of red, the second one is like a faded in the sun red, I like the first one better.  25th and Pine Peppermint Sleigh Bell Trail (I'm going to use this as a binding, it will look great.
Fabrics Left to Right:  Winterfall words (the words are a light blue), Stella Dot Teal and Navy, Aqua Medium Tonal Chevron, Star Spangled Aqua Bikes (LOVE) and it is 40% off today at the FQS, use code PATRIOTIC
Some yardage of American Made Brand Solids:
I got Aqua, Dark Aqua, Dark Turquoise, White, Light Cream, Gray and Light Navy.
Let's talk about these solids, they have a nice hand softer thank Kona, but not as soft as AGF.  But here is the thing, I think the color is like painted on, I'm not an expert or anything, but you know when you buy colored paper and if you tear it some products have color all the way through and some papers are white on the inside when you tear them, that is the way AMB is, it is almost textural in the color cause not all of the fibers absorbed the same amount of color this was most apparent in the Dark Aqua, it gives it a nice color and really looks like water.  There were a few little white fluffs and after moving them, there wasn't any color underneath.  So what do you think this means?
the best picture I could get, of the white underneath a loose thread.
I already started playing with some of them, the AMB aqua and dark aqua went into the Aurifil July block of the month.
And Erin's Sew At Home Mummy Classic Meets Modern July Block, I followed her lead on this also, but used Kona Red and Kona Robin Egg.

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  1. What an unusual color combination; they work so well together! I love the blocks you have already made. I have had the same issue with fabrics not being fully printed through in the past. I think you might be correct, the color might be printed on.

  2. Yummy red and aquas, I hope this color combination never goes out of style. Do you think AMB are printed instead of dyed?

  3. I love reds and aquas. The bicycles are my favorite!

  4. Oh I so love the Fat Quarter Shop and you definitely got some gorgeous fabrics. Love, love, love!!

  5. lovely fabric and no doubt you will create magical quilts

  6. Beautiful fabrics! I have been loving red and aqua and white lately, too Your blocks look wonderful.

    I am studying that close up photo of the dark aqua. I am not familiar with the fabric line so I do not know what to make of it. Did you do a wash test?

    Looking forward to seeing more of your blocks ... :) Pat

  7. Love your blocks, especially the Aurifil one. I am really liking the aqua and red together. Cool and hot at the same time!

  8. The aqua and red is so fun. Love that bike print especially. Nice haul :)

  9. You know, I noticed this on some of the lighter AMB fabrics. I didn't notice it at badly on the darker ones (greys, blacks, etc.) almost like their not dyed all the way through?
    I love your block. Gorgeous. And awesome haul, girl!!